Our brand was born to create happy products that are good energy conductors.

We believe in collaboration between people who love what they do, bringing to every piece a diff erent history, a diff erent art and a unique care.

We seek daily evolution, learning at every new project.

We’re restless, colorful and versatile.

We want to be present at the special moments of each person and to build new ways of taking care of the environment.

We are real, grateful, determined and we want you to be a part of our brand. 

Here only the good comes in and just the good stays.


Our brand was born to promote art and artists through prints in timeless items.

We advertise the work of each artist through a tag attached applied to each of our products.

We bring versatile products with a new design to the market.

Today, we are present not only in Brazil, but also in Europe.

Email: design@osestampados.com
Adress: Rua da República, 357/202
Bairro Cidade Baixa - Porto Alegre, RS | Brasil
Schedule your visit by phone or
WhatsApp +55 51 99155-5979
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